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Discover Your Perfect Match

You can change the world with the right animal on your side. From warm and welcoming to scruffy and scrappy, we’ve got a perfect match for everyone. Even better — each eligible match can help a family around the world.

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Learn more about Goat Farmers Find Success in Festival Sales in Spite of COVID-19 Complications.
A cooperative member weighs a goat for prospective customers.

Goat Farmers Find Success in Festival Sales in Spite of COVID-19 Complications

Thanks to trainings from Heifer Nepal, goat cooperatives have successfully navigated a festival season crippled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Help a Mother… Feed a Child

Help hardworking moms around the world provide their children with the food, education, medical care and bright futures they deserve! When you give through Heifer, you help children and families around the world reach their full potential.

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Everyone Deserves a Life Free From Hunger and Poverty

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Living Income

Some basic needs are fundamental for a life free from hunger and poverty. Yet millions of people can’t afford them.

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Cage-free chicken and egg farming
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Our Model

We do more than cultivate land. We cultivate entrepreneurship.

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Work Areas

Our work may begin with livestock, but it ends with transforming lives.

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