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Whether it’s a goat, chicken or even an alpaca, you’re one match away from changing lives. Swipe through our eligible matches to find the perfect animal to send a family in need.

Happening Now with Heifer

Learn more about U.S. Farmers Providing the Food We Need Now.
A woman drives a tractor on her farm while wearing a sun hat

U.S. Farmers Providing the Food We Need Now

Despite sharing the same fears and concerns we all have – small family farmers are working hard to produce the healthy food and produce our country needs right now.

Learn About Heifer USA About U.S. Farmers Providing the Food We Need Now
Learn more about How COVID-19 is Changing the School Year Around the World.
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How COVID-19 Is Changing the School Year Around the World

The U.S. isn’t the only country grappling with how to approach the school year. Across the globe, students, parents, teachers and administrators are faced with choices and new realities as a result of COVID-19.

Read More About How COVID-19 is Changing the School Year Around the World
Learn more about Live Chats.
Pierre Ferrari

Live Chats

Hosted by President and CEO Pierre Ferrari, Heifer International Live Chats welcome leaders in agriculture, international development, food systems, climate change, impact investing and more for fireside-style virtual chats. The conversations explore solutions to the challenges facing the future of food and farming beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Everyone Deserves a Life Free From Hunger and Poverty

Learn more about Living Income.

Living Income

Some basic needs are fundamental for a life free from hunger and poverty. Yet millions of people can’t afford them.

Learn More About Living Income
Cage-free chicken and egg farming
Learn more about Our Model.

Our Model

We do more than cultivate land. We cultivate entrepreneurship.

Learn More About Our Model
Women's self help group meets in Nepal
Learn more about Work Areas.

Work Areas

Our work may begin with livestock, but it ends with transforming lives.

Learn More About Work Areas
Woman filling a bucket with water from a well

Join us in investing in individuals and communities to help them create lasting change.

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Child smiling and holding a goat

Ending Poverty From the Ground Up

Give the Gift of Hope

We work locally, alongside the communities we serve, providing agriculture, veterinary and entrepreneurial training to create opportunities to those that need it most.

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